Teacher Asks Kids What They’ve Learned This Year, Their Answers Do Not Disappoint

It’s pretty wild how much information we absorb at once while we’re still growing up. Before our adult brain gets addled by things like reality, depression, and substances, we’re just tiny learning sponges trying to understand as much as we can. 

Nobody is more aware of this than the selfless people who choose to become educators. While it’s a tough job, it does come with some rewards. One of the main ones is seeing how kids make progress, and learn new things. 

However, not all of this has to happen in the classroom. This has been underlined in a thread by @GeorgePointon_, an elementary school teacher who asked his students about what they had learned this year. As we might expect, the answers were both varied and amusing, as well as proving that this group of kids had picked up some valuable life skills. It’s never to early to learn about things.