Technically True Occurrences That Thwart Expectations

In real life, one of the most unattractive traits a person can have is being a smartass. Oh, you’re yet again doing a slightly wittier variation on something that boils down to, “Hi hungry, I’m dad”? Let me stop for the applause.

However, for some reason this annoyingness doesn’t translate so much when we’re on the internet. In fact, it seems like social media is made for snappy comebacks, twisting peoples’ words, and highlighting the absurdities of life. If being online has taught us anything, it’s that truth is a thing that is easily manipulated and stretched. Sometimes this can be malicious, but more often than not, it has a humorous effect.

In theory, things that are technically true should be infuriating — they take a left turn from what we expect, after all. Nonetheless, these examples prove that it’s possible to get some amusement out of it without turning into Ben Shapiro. I mean, they’re not wrong.