Terrible Memes That Are Bad…Just Kidding! They’re Good Memes

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when late-night talk show hosts ask actors, “did anybody pull any funny pranks on set?” Usually, they ask this seemingly benign question to child actors with nothing better to discuss. It’s a slightly better question than “do you have a boyfriend,” but not by much. The prank question bothers me because there’s nothing less fun than listening to a prank being described. “Somebody put a whoopie cushion on set, and everybody thought that I farted” “An actor jumped out of nowhere and scared me” Where’s the drama in that? I might not love Ellen’s interview style, but at least she was willing to bring some serious prank action to the set of her show! That woman knew her way around a practical joke. She would traumatize any celebrity, and we stan her for that. If you haven’t been so blindsided by my pathetic attempt at a practical joke headline that you decided to leave, you’ll enjoy these silly and whimsical memes.