This course will expose you to prominent learning theories in the field of education today. Since there is no one “correct” learning theory, you will learn the basics of what these theories say, where problems lie in application, and how to use them in your classroom management, lesson planning, and lesson delivery. This course has been carefully crafted so that participants with no formal education background can easily partake in the course. Likewise, the course has been designed for new educators with no experience, educators with years of experience, and everyone in between. Anyone can take this course! The dreaded theory course has been made fun and useful for all participants. With the use of engaging whiteboard videos, useful worksheets, and presentation videos, the course is designed to challenge your mind while being captivating at the same time. The course is guided by an instructional design framework created by the author, which is based off several prominent learning theories. So this course is just not a mishmash of activities to fill time, but a carefully sculpted program to guide the participant through a learning experience. Most educators learn how to teach by methodologies, but now, I am here to show you how to start teaching by learning theory to truly see results in your classroom.