The Best Harry Potter Memes of the Week (February 27, 2023)

Most people who grew up with the Harry Potter movies had a crush on at least one cast member or character. You might not have wanted to date Draco Malfoy, but you might’ve wanted to date Tom Felton. The actors grew up alongside us and watching them in a new movie every couple of years made them a very big part of a lot of our childhoods. 

I didn’t watch the Harry Potter movies until I was 20, so I had a very different experience than somebody who grew up with them. I was able to binge the books and movies within a span of two months instead of ten years, and I did so when I was an adult. From my experience, the hottest member of the Harry Potter cast was Domhnall Gleeson by far. Do y’all remember Domhnall Gleeson? The ginger nepotism baby of Mad-Eye Moody who appeared in maybe two Harry Potter movies as Ron’s older brother? He is the man for me.