The Best Memes to Send Southwest Airlines Customer Service If They Majorly Screwed Up Your Travel Plans This Week

Oh yes, Southwest Airlines. One of the most complained about airlines. It’s unfair because it’s also one of the cheapest… This holiday season the airline handle it’s travelers rush and bad weather forecast so extremely poorly that it’s almost laughable. If you were caught in the midst of that mess, we are truly so sorry for you. They cancelled hundreds of flights and the way their customer service is handling it is being called a “full-blown meltdown.” Hasn’t Southwest learned yet? Every holiday season they suffer. Every bad weather forecast they suffer. To be honest, any minor inconvenience that possibly has an effect on any airlines, Southwest suffers the hardest. The sheer amount of memes about how bad Southwest Airlines sucks is enough proof of how poorly they handle their predicaments If you were one of the many travelers who got majorly screwed by Southwest Airlines this week, these memes are for you. Hang in there!