The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (December 12, 2022)

It’s sometimes tough to decide what the worst month to work is, but December makes a pretty good case for being in the top three. We’re forced to give one last burst of end of year effort after the sluggishness of Thanksgiving, all while it’s getting increasingly cold and dark and difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Surely, we should be focusing on the more appropriate winter pursuits of Christmas shopping, or cuffing season

It’s fair to say that most employees have other things on their mind during their shifts at the moment, even more so than usual. In case you needed a little refocusing, these work memes are here to remind you that this whole ‘having a job’ shebang still exists, and we’ve got to keep on doing it. I know it’s tough, but with a little support from each other, we’ll find the humor in getting through it.