The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (January 23, 2023)

In theory, most full time workers spend just under quarter of the average week doing their jobs. Why, then, does it feel like our whole lives are taken up by them? Between unexpected overtime, commuting, and the ever-present inbox, switching off from our work is not as easy as it should be. Neither is staying focused when we’re there, because human beings were not designed to be boxed up looking at spreadsheets for eight hours a day. 

While it may be possible to (occasionally) get a feeling of satisfaction from our jobs, we’re more frequently up against the many annoyances and minor existential crises that they bring. They may pay our bills, but the payoff often doesn’t feel worth it. This is why there is a whole internet industry out there based on amusing, work-based complaints. If we can’t make things better, at least we can make them kind of funny.