Is it possible immediately start speaking Spanish without having to spend years studying complex grammar in a boring school?How can you memorise new words quickly and easily without spending hours repeating lists?What is the best way of starting to learn a language that guarantees you reach fluency?Learning languages can be like trying to juggle knives blindfolded. If this is how you feel then I sincerely hope that this course gives you a massive boost you deserve to get you going. First, I want to show you can can start communicating straight away from today. You will learn how to do this by using the BillionSentence Cheat Sheet. This is a group of the most useful 166 words that you can learn in Spanish and I will explain how you can use this cheat sheet to communicate on a wide range of topics in Spanish, starting from today. It doesn’t stop there though. I won’t just give you this list and expect you to magically memorise it, I will also guide you through the process of memorising these words using memory techniques. The idea is allow you to remember the words quickly and simply no matter what your background or history with education it. I’ve seen so many people struggle with learning a language because they simply don’t know how to memorise new vocabulary, or they are doing it in the wrong way. This course will change that for you. The biggest boost to your language learning journey that you can have, is increasing the amount of vocabulary that you have at your disposal. This course will give you this. Every lesson is designed to be short, and easy to digest. All you have to do is press play, and follow the instructions and before you know it you will have a bunch of new words transferred into your long term memory ready for you to use. The amazing benefit of this too, is that you will also understand the process that sits behind learning new words, the big HOW. Once you’ve learnt these words, you can continue to learn as many new words as you want using the methods within this course. Every section of the course will also have a a selection of my best tips to help you reach fluency, so that you can not only learn new vocabulary but also hone your general study skills. Its as simple as making a cup of coffee. seriously. Im guiding you through the minefield of learning a new language, making it really simple for you. The only thing you have to do is press playSome people feel that, the information in this course is enough for them to get by, and that’s fantastic. If you do want to continue though, and learn more, then I will also tell you how to do this too. Ive made this as simple as possible with the focus of getting you up and running and talking as quickly as possible.I really want you to have the tools to hand ready so that get the best results as quickly as possible. Imagine yourself now sitting down to enjoy some fine Spanish food with your new Spanish friends in front of the glistening see in south Spain, friends you would never have met if you hadnt have started learning Spanish. You remember that feeling you have when you are proud of something youve achieved?Your friends will be so impressed with how quickly you pick up the language. they will all want to know how you did it. Here’s exactly what you get: After just 30 minutes youll have the tools necessary to sit down with anyone and have a conversation in Spanish. After just 2 hours, the most important vocabulary will be stamped into your mind, so you dont have to worry about how you learn, you just need to press play. You will get a PDF download of the Billion Sentence Cheat sheet that you can print out, have on your phone and start using straight away. 16 of my best study tips ready to go, so that you can start become a master student. Lifetime access to the course so that you can recap whenever you want, as much as you want. Do the course on your phone, tablet or computer wherever you are.I really want you to succeed. Im also on a mission to help as many people as possible to learn how to speak a second a language. Ive priced this course at a point where anyone can afford it, its literally the cost of lunch and a couple of drinks. So its down to you. Ive busted my bs to create something unique that really helps people learn, and now you have to take some action. Every hour that passes is another hour where you dont speak Spanish. Dont let this opportunity pass you by and take the action necessary to become fluent in Spanish.I look forward to seeing you in the first lesson! Zack.p.s. Make sure that you take action! Why do you people not follow through?Fear. The big difference between people that follow through and those that don’t, is that those that do are MORE afraid of what their life would be like if they didnt follow through. So Ill see you in the first lesson!