The Complete Personal Finance Class is designed for people of all ages and all incomes. In this course you’ll learn how to manage your cash flow more effectively so you can pay off debts quickly! What is personal finance?Personal finance is tracking your income, expenses, debt, and credit. With money being a significant part in every modern society, it’s important to learn how to control your personal cash flow and become debt free using a budget, savings, and other tools which you’ll be given. It’s important to note that this is not a “Get Rich Quick Class”. Personal finance is a lifetime marathon and while this class while help you train for the marathon, it won’t make you rich overnight. (Sorry!)Why is it so important?Knowing how to be financially accountable allows you to live on your own terms without the need to rely on government benefits or other sources. While these are important to have, they should only be used temporarily to help you get back into the marathon. Understanding personal finance will allow you to become financially strong, obviously. However, it also allows you to become mentally clear and make more logical life decisions while removing the stress of a financial hardship. This in turn, enables you and your family to live a better life, without the need to stress paying bills or purchasing groceries. Why should I purchase your course?This course is practically a basic Microsoft Excel course, budgeting course, and personal finance course all wrapped in a neatly tied bowed for only $59.99. Included is a PowerPoint over 160 slides, 15 excel exercises and nearly 6 hours of video content. Among these topics you also learn aboutCredit CardsLoansBasic InvestingRetirement AccountsAnd SO. MUCH. MORE! How can I trust your word?Just ask the nearly 40 students who viewed my courses for over 4,200 minutes! With a instructor rating of 4.1 I realize I have room for improvement, but that’s why I provide these courses to you! The more feedback I receive, the better this course becomes! Still not convinced?Watch a few of the sample videos, read some reviews, and think to yourself. Would this add value to my life? (One of the five questions you’ll learn you should ask yourself before a purchase.)