The Craziest Posts Insane Parents Shared This Week (February 21, 2023)

Boy moms have been rightfully roasted on social media recently. I’m not talking about just any woman who has solely mothered boys. I’m talking about the Oedipal nightmare of TikToker moms who openly admit they are in love with their sons. I have seen the same variation of “watching your son grow up is like experiencing the longest breakup ever” repeatedly on the stupid clock app. Why are these women telling on themselves like this? Why are so many boy moms in love with their sons? That guy Sophocles was really onto something, I’ll tell you that much! 

I’ve had multiple friends who have dated guys whose mothers are in love with them, and from their accounts, it’s quite a nuisance in a relationship. Imagine being jealous of your teenage or adult son’s girlfriend as his mother! It’s just plain weird. If you’ve clicked on this, you probably want to see some parenting fails beyond the follies of boy moms. If it’s parenting fails you want, then parenting fails you shall have.