The Cringiest Parenting Posts of the Week (March 14, 2023)

I learn new things about parenting by looking at parenting fails. While some aspects of parenting are intuitive, there are about a million things that you need to learn about child-rearing before you actually have a baby. For instance, I was completely ignorant about bed-sharing and safe sleep until I started willingly exposing myself to all of this discourse within mommy Facebook groups. I can’t imagine wanting to sleep in the same bed as your baby every night. I move so much in my sleep that I know I would be a lethal agent. Also, don’t you want some time alone from your baby? The only time that your baby is not literally attached to your hip is when you’re in the realm of dreams. Even when these crunchy parents put their kids in cribs, they increase the likelihood that their babies get SIDS in a different way! It’s important to be educated about new standards of safety, and there’s no better way to learn what not to do than to look through some parenting fails