Are you a car guy?Has your car been painted be for?Have you painted your car be for?Or do you have a classic car you want to bring the paint back to life?Hi my name is Jonathan, and in the last 11 years iv been working in the Auto Body industry. Iv painted and polished tons of cars. I specialize in dark colored cars when polishing. I have had friends and family that want me to teach them how they can do it. So now i have put this course together to help all people that want to learn how to do it them self, or want to make a little side cash polishing cars, or simply don’t want to spent the $100-$1000 and could go higher, to get there car polished. Allow me to show you the correct steps to accomplishing this task. In this course we go over All the tools you will need to get the job doneA video on tips and advice. How to wet sand dirt nibsHow to get rid of a runHow to sand out orange peelHow to polish 1st stepHow to polish 2nd stepThis course is all about teaching you how to (cut and buff) wet sand and polish your ride.I video myself working on actual cars and not just on a small panel or a power point. Showing you along the way tips and tricks and things to look out for.