BRANDNEW! We’re going to show you how to understand the numbers that lie at the heart of every organisation. With this programme we’re going to give you asimple guideto the core elements of finance that all organisations use to report and manage their results. If you ever have conversations about finance and feel even slightly out of your depth, then this introduction to the Fundamentals of Finance is for you. Have you ever been in a position where youre talking about your P & L, and had nagging doubts about what you were talking about? Have you ever used terms like EBIT or NPV without really understanding what they are or what they mean? Do you see mysterious financial transactions happening that affect your results, but you dont know how (or if) you can affect them? If any of these are true, this course will remove those doubts and raise your understanding. Youll be smarter, sound smarter, and be able to make better, faster decisions as a result. This course is Part 1 in a forthcoming series called The Fundamentals of Finance, and will be the foundation stone upon which to build your development as a rounded manager and leader in your organisation. Let’s get going!