The Funniest Disney Memes of the Week (March 11, 2023)

This week, the trailer for the new Peter Pan & Wendy movie came out. I’m shocked that Disney is attempting to do a Peter Pan live-action remake; If they think they can compare to Hook, they are out of their minds. Personally, I was obsessed with the made-for-TV live-action Peter Pan starring Mary Martin in 1960. It was an adaptation of the Peter Pan Broadway musical, so Disney didn’t get their greasy paws on it. My favorite thing about Peter Pan the musical is that they cast a middle-aged woman to play the titular boy child. I rarely, if ever, watched the Disney version, so I got into several arguments with my childhood neighbors over whether Peter Pan was a girl or a boy (I argued on the side of girl), and even though I lost, I put up a good fight. We don’t need to talk about Allison Williams and Christopher Walken’s pathetic attempt to recreate this timeless story because we’ve got Disney memes to peruse!