The Funniest ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Memes To Pound At Paddy’s Pub

Today, Mindy Kaling gave an interview that claimed that a show like The Office couldn’t be made today because it’s “so inappropriate” and people would be too offended. Essentially, she’s claiming The Office would be canceled in more ways than one. To that I say, yeah right There are a plethora of shows on the air today that blow The Office out of the water in terms of being on the edge of what is acceptable in comedy. Even if she’s only talking about workplace comedies, there’s one show that has been on the air since The Office first premiered that continues to push the boundaries, and it’s called It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. While The Office only had the gusto to feature one protagonist whose a horrible person, It’s Always Sunny has five main characters who are all rotted and gutted to their cores. If you can’t help but stan Charlie, Mac, Dea, Dennis, and Frank, these Always Sunny memes might fend off the Nightman.