The Funniest Oscars Tweets For ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Superfans

This year’s Oscars went off without a hitch! I know many of us tuned into the 95th Academy Awards last night to see how many hack jokes about The Slap would happen, and I was one of those people! Jimmy Kimmel did…fine as the host. We had one big upset in the category of Best Supporting Actress with Jamie Lee Curtis beating Angela Bassett. The two main winners of the night were All Quiet on the Western Front and Everything Everywhere All At Once. Everything Everywhere All At Once is now the most-awarded movie of all time. Who would’ve guessed that? As a longtime Swiss Army Man stan, that news is music to my ears. I do not care if the Daniels are cringe; I’m happy that they gave three whole speeches last night. If you are a Everything Everywhere All At Once fan and you’re proud, these Oscars tweets are for you.