The Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week (February 23, 2023)

One of the most popular stereotypes about parents is that once someone has kids, something shifts in their brain that makes them feel like the most esoteric person alive. They smugly remark on how different the world looks now that they’ve got kids, implying that they’ve got something far more important in their lives than anything a childless person could be doing. Although I understand how annoying this can be for those of us on the receiving end of this smug, I kind of get it. I cannot imagine anything else that could radically change your priorities and viewpoints within such a rapid period of time. Having a tiny human to care for makes everything else feel like a B-Tier priority. “There’s drama in your adult recreational sports league? That’s nice, I’m creating lives.” Once the novelty of birth wears off, parents are usually able to have more of a sense of humor about the unique duty of parenthood. The following tweets show off the humble and hilarious side of parenting.