The Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week (January 12, 2023)

Little kids are so funny. Based on my highly biased calculations, the average kid is 10x more comical than the average adult. Kids are blessed with the gift of comedy for multiple reasons. For one, they are given the freedom to be silly. Unfortunately for us adults, there are not a lot of opportunities to be goofballs in corporate America. If you’re not silly at work, you have less time to be silly at home, which cuts down your daily silliness quota by at least 60%. 

Kids also aren’t yet experts on social rules that adults adhere to. They don’t care whether their questions are obvious or their observations are absurd. They’re kids, and they express themselves by saying things like, “Mommy, your belly is so soft and squishy.” There are very few child standup comedians, and that’s for the best. Kids’ natural comedic gifts should not be harvested for profit. Their hilarious observations should be cherished by their families before they become brooding teenagers who run extremely low on goofiness.