The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (January 15, 2023)

It’s that time of the week again; Time to dive into some hilarious memes about programming and computer science. If you’re here, I’m guessing you probably spent the majority of your day wasting away trying to code something with no real concept of whether it will go well or not. If that is so, I’m deeply sorry. Nothing is worse than feeling so unsure about the future of your work and just having to ruminate on that. Having a job that involves risk-taking and uncertainty can be fulfilling, but once you fail enough times, it starts to get old. Thank God we live in a world where our salaries can be salaried and not just based on whether each line of code succeeds or fails. Imagine the dystopia of getting your pay slashed every time you try to run your code, and it’s riddled with errors. I guarantee we’d have a lot fewer computer science majors, and we’d probably still be living in the 80s technology-wise.