The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (January 22, 2023)

The insane ways that tech companies treat their employees never cease to amaze me. This past Friday, workers at Google in NYC found out whether they were getting laid off with a borderline dystopian method. Workers lined up early to test their employee badges. If they scanned it and the light turned green, they didn’t lose their job. If the light turned red, they were laid off. 

Of course, Google didn’t intend to act like an evil government in a young adult novel. They sent emails the night before laying people off, but naturally, not everybody saw those emails. Do you check your email every morning before catching the train to double-check that you didn’t get fired? I don’t think so. Every day, I thank the Lord that I do not work for a cruel tech conglomerate that wouldn’t care if I died tomorrow. For those of y’all who are working for one of those right now, I am so very sorry.