Hello Everyone! Welcome to the How to Guide to Becoming an Online English Teacher Course: Your Step by Step Guide! You are so welcome here: )I have been teaching English online for 2 years now and in that time I have taught for 3 different online schools based in Thailand, China and Europe. I have also taught English in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Turkey & India through 3 different create a profile sites. This wasn’t always my life though! About 2,5 years ago I left my corporate gig in private banking for one of South Africa’s biggest and most prestigious Private & Corporate Banks. I wasn’t satisfied with my career and where it was going. I was in search of something a little less suffocating and far more fulfilling. I stumbled upon online English teaching and it has since changed my life.I didn’t have any know how whatsoever when I decided to start dabbling in this arena. BUT through trial and error I found myself succeeding. Online English teaching is a very specific market, with very specific requirements and I made it even more niche for myself by choosing to only teach adults. This only made the journey more difficult. But me being a persistent spirit I did just that. I persisted. And even with the wrong skin tone and a visual deficiency and distortion I was able to land gig after gig! So how did I do it?A lot of my friends and heck. even strangers who find out I teach online all want to know “how do I get started?” “How does it work?”.Hence this course! Whether you are looking to teach English online as a full time gig so that you can travel or whether you’d like to use it as a side hustle THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! For more. watch the welcome video! And. Enjoy! Learn through examples and practical lessons!