‘The Last of Us’ Episode 8: Recap and Funniest Reaction Memes (March 6, 2023)

WARNING: The Last of Us Episode 8 Spoilers ahead


The penultimate episode of The Last of Us isn’t pulling any punches. After last week’s devastating flashback of Ellie and her lost love, the show gives viewers whiplash in its return to an even more brutal reality. One that Ellie must face, largely on her own.


Ellie works to nurse Joel, driven to a pseudo-comatose state after taking a stab from a raider, to recovery. As she attempts to provide for both herself and him, she faces this week’s antagonists. Well, not necessarily antagonists, but you can tell where it’s headed.


David, a self-proclaimed preacher, and his flock have taken residence in a nearby resort. Hungry, and heading towards starvation, he and his men set out to hunt game. Specifically, deer a few miles out. While hunting for food, Ellie shoots a deer. She doesn’t land the killing blow, leaving it to limp toward its death. The aforementioned locals manage to track down its corpse, leading to a meeting between both parties. 


After a turbulent run-in, Ellie does everything she can to keep Joel alive, while also maintaining her own survival. The episode launches viewers toward a timely season finale. By far the most savage and disturbing entry in the series, it’s definitely a very meaty episode. Hopefully, you won’t find these reactions and memes in bad taste.