The Most Agonizing Examples of Cringe This Week (March 4, 2023)

Here’s a scary thought: we have no control over what other people find cringeworthy. We could be blissfully and obliviously living our lives, and somebody else might come along and decide that we are the pinnacle of embarrassment. 

Sometimes this can (kind of) be a good thing — we all lack in self-awareness in ways that we need to be checked up on occasionally. Nonetheless, it’s still a mortifying idea. While we can dream of one day living in a post-cringe world, but it’s a long way off while there are so many terrible and embarrassing people around. 

Until then, we’ve just got to sit with the many, many examples of cringe that are out there. While none of us are immune, some are more hellbent on being cringe than others. It’s always good to have a reminder of how we shouldn’t act, even if we feel like we don’t need it.