The Most Entertaining Takes From TikTok This Week (March 16, 2023)

You know those kids who have super strict parents who don’t let them have any sugar at home? The first semi-normal birthday party they get invited to, they usually gorge themselves on cake and candy until they throw up in a corner somewhere. It’s kind of analogous to TikTok and its userbase, except the app and its notorious censorship policies are the strict parent, and its users are mainlining Skittles and M&Ms right under their very own roof. 

Never before in internet history has a platform encouraged so many gross and bizarre confessionals, with peoples’ identities fully attached. TikTok has become far more than a place where Zoomers do cutesy dance routines to 20 second song snippets. Now, it’s the number one spot for all things weird and not-so-wonderful about how we communicate on social media. If these screenshots prove anything, it’s that we should all know less about one another. That isn’t enough to stop our morbid curiosity, though.