The Most Supreme Taco Bell Memes for Anyone Craving to Ring That Bell Right Now

Yo quiero taco bell. If you know, you know. Taco Bell is a love hate relationship that many people hold on tight to. If you are a Taco Bell fan or know somebody who is, then you know Taco Bell is love for exactly what it is. No Taco Bell lover is going to look you in the face and talk about how they go to Taco Bell because it’s healthy or some BS. No. We go to Taco Bell because we crave to ring that bell. We need our Crunchwrap Supremes, our Mexican Pizzas, our Cheesy Gordita Crunchs, or even a classic burrito or chalupa. We do not care about the consequences of our actions. We know what we are getting into and it is worth it. Sometimes life hits ya so hard that a meal with Taco Bell is worth a spicy behind and us Taco Bell fans will d!e on that hill! So for those wanting to ring the bell, these memes are for you. We <3 you.