The Most Unbelievable Dispatches From TikTok This Week (March 9, 2023)

TikTok is a force of nature at this point. The haters can try to avoid it all they like, but it will find a way to wriggle into their social media feeds somehow. If it doesn’t do that, then there’s a high chance that their favorite platform is currently trying to turn itself into a TikTok dupe. This may not be a good thing, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. 

The clock app has made a name for itself as one of the most deranged places on the mainstream internet, and it’s not difficult to see why. The trolls of today do a fine trade via the medium of short form video, and people seem to love nothing more than revealing their deepest, darkest secrets like this too. 

At least we can claim that it is sometimes entertaining. Some of these screenshots are a little worrying, but it doesn’t stop them from providing amusement.