If youre asking any of the following questions: How do I support and extend our childrens play?When is it best to step in and play alongside, or just stay back and observe progress?What types of play are our children engaging in?Why do some children struggle to play and how can I help?Then then this course is for you! Our brand new course, the Power of Play, will give you the knowledge you need to support your children as well as you possibly can. We will illustrate techniques that will help you know when and how to support your childrens creative play. And well give you some new play ideas that are great fun to put into practice. YOU WILL LEARN: The difference between various play stylesHow play impacts on early learning and developmentHow to observe which are your childrens preferred play stylesHow to identify if children need encouragement in other types of playWhat to do if you spot obstacles to play in the settingFour practical techniques to encourage your children to think and play more creatively