The Public Gave Names to Snowplows in Madison, Wisconsin–And They are Hilarious

​Madison, Wisconsin capitol by Ryan Wick, CC license; and plow from City of Madison

As part of GNN’s continuing coverage of city snowplow naming competitions, the results of Madison Wisconsin’s contest are in, and they are just hail-arious.

The city’s chief salting truck will be named “Saltimus Prime” after receiving a total of 1,630 votes.

A smaller, agile, bike path-plower will be named “Snowbi Wan Kenobi” after receiving 1,910 votes.

“Seymour Pavement,” is to be the name of the city’s loader/plow, while the Dual Wing Plow Truck will be dubbed “Dolly Plowton.”

It’s a joy and a shame, as some of the other entries were genius. For Game of Thrones fans, it was a pity that the salt truck didn’t receive enough votes for “Brine of Tarth.” Honorable mentions should certainly be given out for “KeaNo Freeze,” “Albert Brinestein,” and to the chemistry students who came up with “Snowdium Clearride.”

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In 2021, GNN reported of a similar contest in Scotland, which included winners like, “You’re a Blizzard Harry,” Brinestone Ploughboy, Spreddie Van Halen, Mary Queen of Salt, and On Her Majesty’s Slippery Surface.

Minnesota’s DoT 2022 contest came up with some real zingers, the best of which most certainly must be “Clearopathra,” but “Scoop! There It Is,” ain’t bad either.

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