The Top 22 History Memes of 2022

A lot can happen in a year. While 2022 may feel like a delirious fever dream, the year had its fair share of momentous events and groundbreaking achievements. Back in May, scientists managed to snag the very first photo of a black hole – a feat that we’re pretty sure people will be talking about for eons to come. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the global response to the invasion, definitely snag a top ten spot where notable 2022 events are concerned. Protests in Iran, Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, and record-breaking inflation rank pretty high, too. Most of these events are at least semi-meme-able. We’re not saying that because we think they should be meme’d. The truth is, these events – even the dismal ones – will likely be the subject of memes in years to come. 

History meme groups on Reddit and Facebook provide us with constant proof that there’s humor to be enjoyed, and knowledge to be gained, by scrolling through history memes. Because we love them, and the masses seem to as well, we’ve put together a selection of the year’s top-rated history memes, created by and for history enthusiasts. Some are spicy, some are mild, but they’re all riffing on the same thing: important moments of the past.