I can’t imagine any dinner party without appetizers. It’s the time when all the best conversations begin and as a host you can’t be missing it out and stressing about the food in the kitchen. This course is designed to give you a confidence and a base to experiment with appetizers, boost your creativity as well as be prepared to surprise guests in a few minutes. The course has 7 sections:- in PREPS we talk about the things that can always be stored in your fridge- in FEWDAYSBEFORE I give you a few ideas what you can prepare in advance- in DIPSAND SPREADS we discuss the base of dips and how to make them more creative- in SALAD I show you a few ways how to take your salad to a new level- in BRUSCHETTAS I give you some advices how to make a perfect bruschettas and create your own combinations- in QUICKLASTMINUTEIDEAS I give you ideas what you can quickly make if your table still looks empty- in COOKINGWITHGUESTS I give you some ideas how your dinner party can become more playful and interactiveAll the course uses simple products and the things you learn in the first sections are used later.