In this28videocourse, you’ll learnEVERYTHINGyou need to know toloseweight, FOREVER! I’ve lost 100 pounds, andI have revised over four thousand routines changing people’s lives every day. You can be next to experienceall of the information and support you need to succeed. Going in with the RIGHT information is key! In this course, you will learn: (More like what WON’T you learn!) How to Fast the correct way forlong-term leanness! In-depthstrategiesI use every day to employ to maximize your weight loss experience; including when and what to eat BEFORE and AFTER working out! I will answer any questions you ask on the course thread. There is so muchvalue packedinto this one course;it’s a one-stop shop for weight loss! You will understand how the fatloss process works because I break it down super simple so anyone can understand! Understanding not only how the hormones work, but learning how to use them to our advantage for maximum weight loss. How to lose weight without a scale and never counting calories! Eat whatever foods you want;its not WHAT you eat, it’s WHEN you eat it! This course is the holy grail of fasting and how to utilize it for weight loss. Go from not know what fasting means, to an expert on the subject. Any experience level can use this course and achieve the results me, and so many of my clients have seen. Always have motivation for the situation, keeping your spirits high on a daily basis is my recipe for success! And so much more!