When you eat certain dishes for a while you feel bored and lose appetite to make and eat food If we want to be healthy and away from fast food, we need something new, healthy and easy to apply as wellSo, you will be today with us with: Easy, Healthy, Tasty and Fun RecipesEvery effort has been made to be more enjoyable and effective for you You will be able to develop your culinary skills with us today And cook something new and healthy for family and friendsYou will make them happy today with a delicious dish and kissI will be with you to teach you all the secrets and skills of oriental cuisine so that you can simply go through them as if you lived through all civilizations and then mixed all of this in one plate. And you discover the distinctive oriental flavors for yourself, you will create something specialMy goal is to transform cooking from mere a duty or a routine that wedo with boredom to a creative art just like music or paint, to make it a pleasure that we live everydayThis is just the first series of training courses to follow, which I will develop taking into account all your opinions and what you are interested to know