The Worst Dispatches From TikTok This Week (March 2, 2023)

Whether you’re addicted or you wish that it could be eradicated from the face of the Earth, there is no denying that TikTok shapes the internet as we know it today. It pumps out dumb memes and even dumber arguments that get spread on social media platforms of all kinds.

TikTokers come across as a strange breed to the uninitiated. While they may be having the same ridiculous arguments that have been conducted online since time immemorial, they’re not afraid to show their faces as they do so. 

This is especially wild when we consider some of the things that they come up with. Once upon a time, this kind of garbage would have been relegated to 4chan, or taken to the grave. Now, though, it’s slapped out there in technicolor to make us cringe even harder. However you feel about the clock app, it produces some memorable content. It’s just not memorable in a good way.