Most managers hate constraints and bottlenecks. Even more so after 2020! After all constraints and bottlenecks cause delays, dont they? Lewis Trigger presents a complete turnaround, showing managers to value their constraints by leveraging them – to look after them, to protect them from nasty surprises, and so enable managers to deliver consistently better results from the resources you already have. After all Constraints and bottlenecks are what ultimately controls the output of your business. Through Lewiss powerful and practical course, you will internalize the management techniques of managing your constraints to optimize outcomes. Constraint Innovation is based on the internationally acclaimed Theory of Constraints. The course will open up your thinking, and you will acquire a powerful set of improvement tools! You will be shown, through powerful illustrations, how to be a change agent. By Effectively Managing your Critical Resources you can significantly assist your organization to do so much more with what they have. For the organization to get that much closer to its goal. The answer lies in identifying the System Constraint, which then leads you to leverage the Critical Resources. You will be empowered to drive that change. This course is the first of a series of courses that will empower you in the powerful doctrine of Constraint Innovation. This course focuses on the fundamentals, the building blocks of Constraint Innovation, based on TOC. Powerful illustrations demonstrate very practical steps in the implementation of the 5 step TOC process of how to leverage your Constraints as the key to unlocking value. Multiple choice and reflective questions are employed to internalize the learning.A Socratic methodology of questioning in the form of written questions and assignments leads the participant through the journey of internalization of the learning material and how it is applied. In todays competitive marketplace, Management at all levels is constantly under pressure to achieve more with what they have and sometimes less. For Senior Management at a strategic level, the challenge is to ensure sustainable growth and profit. For Operations & Supply Chains that means to increase throughput, reduce lead times, increase inventory turns, improve quality, and reduce waste. For Maintenance, it is reducing shut downtimes, ensuring readiness for critical equipment is up and running, and aligning maintenance programs to operational needs. For Engineering, it is delivering projects on time, in cost, and scope. For Service departments, be it finance, HR, technical support, admin, computer services, it is all about achieving higher service levels within costs. For Marketing and Sales, it is first and foremost not wasting the existing and potential market and client base. The answer to all these challenges is through effectively addressing your Critical Resources. For those organizations that have invested in Lean, Constraint Innovation complements lean efforts by focusing those efforts to where it counts most, namely the organizations constraints. In this course, international TOC expert Lewis Trigger provides you with common sense, practical solutions to address the challenge of Unlocking Value via leveraging your Constraints be it Resource Constraints, a Policy Constraint, as well as a Market Constraint.