Therapist Roasted Over Woefully Unfortunate TikTok Username

Everyone makes mistakes. But some mistakes are funnier than others. In a recent TikTok, Chicago therapist Zach Leezer shared a video addressing his, um, poor choice of a username. That username? It’s “@zachtherapist.” It could be read as Zach Therapist. Or it could be read as something a little more damning. If the dilemma seems familiar, that’s probably because a similar fiasco occurred on Arrested Development, when Tobias Funke decided to use the ill-advise portmanteau of “analrapist” to describe his specialty. Unfortunately for Leezer, however, this is real life – and TikTok only allows users to change their handles every 30 days. 

In his statement, Leezer seems drained. He explains that it never occurred to him that anyone would misconstrue his username, and, boy, does he seem filled with regret. That said, Leezer does seem to be taking it as best as he can. “As a therapist,” he explains, “I talk to my clients all the time about making mistakes, and how we should learn from them and how we should laugh at them, so here’s mine.”  In a way, it’s a teaching moment, albeit a humbling one. This didn’t stop people from having a laugh at his expense. But as Zach said, it’s healthy to laugh at mistakes. So we don’t feel too bad about it. 

Here’s hoping Mr. Leezer gets that username change ASAP. We are definitely rooting for anyone who makes it their life’s work to help others.