‘They’re Getting Away With It’ : Top Trending Reddit Thread Sticking Up for Gen Z for Leaving Gaps on Their Resumes in the Name of Self Care

At this point, it’s a well-known fact that everybody avoids sending in their resume to a potential employer with a ‘gap’ in it. The reason is simple — it is generally frowned upon. Recruiters who receive such resumes squint a little and put on their glasses, take a sip from their coffee, and try to decipher whether it’s even worth calling the candidate in for an interview — because let’s face it, we’re judgy human beings.

The common belief is that candidates who have such a gap, have either forgotten how to work in the time they took off, or that they’re lazy. Companies will always allude to it but never say it aloud… they don’t want people who haven’t been working 24/7. A break? Heaven forbid such a thing! If you were to accuse them of the fact, they’d claim ‘hearsay’. They want candidates that are up to speed, ASAP. But Gen Z has other things in mind… they are opening up a door for conversation and inviting others to a more vulnerable look into their lives. 

Technology is becoming more and more advanced, and one of the main reasons for that is, of course, globalization — along with that comes more awareness, as private opinions become public knowledge. Our lives by definition, are more out in the open. Thanks to social media, we can share with our friends what we had for breakfast. An omelet btw. With mushrooms. Ahem, moving on… Scroll down to check out the wholesome-ly surprising Reddit thread where people bash an article claiming Gen Z was getting away with leaving gaps on their resume in the name of ‘self-care’.

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