Ticketmaster Gouges Cheap Tickets With Unethical Fees, Turns $80 Tickets Into $172 Tickets

We’ve got a bit of a reign of terror situation with Ticketmaster right now. They have a monopoly over the concert ticket industry that needs to be broken up immediately. The injustice of dynamic pricing and price gouging was widely discussed online when Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ tickets dropped. It was a bloodbath to get tickets, and fans who had gotten tickets easily just a few years ago struggled to get any. Not only are tickets nearly impossible to obtain, but they’re also unbelievably expensive. Scalpers buy tickets and resell them for exorbitant prices, and nobody does anything to stop them! If nobody intervenes, concerts might become an experience only the wealthiest people can afford. 

The Cure tried to do right by their fans, selling concert tickets for as little as $20. Ticketmaster being Ticketmaster, they couldn’t handle that, so they added exorbitant fees and charges to these tickets, rendering them unaffordable.