TikTokers Spark Controversy Sneaking into Hotel for Free Breakfast

We don’t get many things for free in this life. It means that we occasionally have to make those opportunities, instead of waiting for some good luck to come along. Finessing the system is an art form that’s not always as difficult to do as it seems, at least when it comes to some things. This was recently demonstrated by @destinyshaude when her and a friend decided on their choice for breakfast.

Posting about how they had sneaked into a hotel to get a meal for free, viewers were divided over their successful mini heist. While some were getting ideas of their own or claimed that management didn’t really care, others thought their trick might end up making establishments tightening their policies. Whatever the case may be, they still got food out of it. Plus, if we were to look behind the scenes, the whole thing wouldn’t be as appetizing anyway.