Timeless Memes For The Whole Family

Some memes do not age well. Like an abandoned loaf of bread in the pantry, you can read their age in one foul sniff. They smell like 2012 and whatever sick place you were in life during the year of Call Me Maybe and twee. Many current memes read like a real who’s who of modern online discourse. If you show these memes to people who have never been on Twitter, they be completely incomprehensible to them. 

The ideal meme does not fall into either one of those camps. Sure, sometimes you want to go down memory lane or be on top of the discourse, but often, you just want to send a funny image to your mom and mutually laugh without any barriers of entry. Sometimes, you want things labeled as “relatable” to actually be relatable. If you want memes that all demographics can enjoy, you’ll love the following silly, random, and relatable memes.