Be the stunning, inspirational, impactfulteacher you know you are! Whether you’re an inspirational speakeroryou want to teach golf, poker, yoga, languages, use of software or whether the classes you teach or in person or online, you’ll find these tips of tremendous valueto you! Learn what to do before, during, and after your class in order to have the best outcome for your students. Krysta gives youtips for how to prepare for your class or presentation, then moves into tips for what to do (and not do) during your class, and then some follow-up tips for what to do once the class is over: 40 in all! The assignments support you in actualizing the tips and walk you through some of the processes discussed. There are twodownload checklistsyou can use before and afteryour classto help with follow-through. Whether you’re new to teaching or a pro, there’s something here for you. Krysta has been teaching since she was a teenager, her Mom was a school teacher, and she has attended many classes, retreats, and talks. By drawing on all of this, she has put together a quick, entertaining, and powerful presentation of tips that can help you share your knowledge and experience with others.