TopSleep Tips – Practical and Life Changing Sleep AdviceDo you struggle to get to sleep at night, often wake up during your sleep, or feel tired and unrefreshed even after a whole night of sleep? Top Sleep Tipsis a practical programme designed to help you take control of your sleep to feel your absolute best every day. If you’re finding a lack of quality sleep is affecting your mood, productivity, weight, and happiness, then this course will CHANGEYOURLIFE. This course is absolutely packed full of practical, budget friendly, and tried and tested advice. Overcoming insomnia need not be complicated or expensive, and by following a few simple changes you will see a dramatic improvement in your sleep qualityand overall energy levels. Itcovers everything you could need: from choosing ‘sleep friendly’ foods, adapting your exercise routine, incorporating mediation and relaxation techniques, choosing between medicinal and complementary treatments, and so somuch more. It looks at lots of real life examplesand gives practical tools you can use right away to get better results. Pat Duckworthis an international speaker, and widely published author, who’s been teaching Sleep Techniques in workshops and one-on-oneto thousands of people over recent years. She specialises in women’s health and is a regular guest at the WI and on BBCCambridgeshire Radio. This course is guaranteed to keep you engaged and amused, and teach you life changing skills for feeling fantastic. The course overview includes: Discover foods that can dramatically increase your energy levels, and ease of falling to sleepWhat to do if you wake up in the nightHow to overcome insomniaUsing relaxation and meditation techniquesChoosing between medicinal and complementary treatmentsRevamping your bedroom envrionment to make it soothing and calmHow sleep work and why it doesn’t alwaysKeeping a sleep journal to track down the sourceAdapting your diet to help your body ease into sleepAnd lots lots more! Start taking control of your sleep patterns say goodbye to stress, fatigue and unhappiness. This course could change your life. if you let it!