Top Spiciest and Creative Insults of the Week (February 23, 2023)

A good insult is hard to come by. As schoolchildren, we start with the basics. There’s the powerful “No, you!” which is followed by the even more powerful and incredibly smug “I know you are but what am I?” We remember the early days of “Your mom” jokes (which are extra devastating if the mother in question is dead) and “stupid jokes” like the one that insinuates it takes an hour for the victim to cook minute rice. These are all well and good if you’ve yet to go through puberty, but as we get older it’s a scathing sort of creativity that we hope to use against our victims. 

Unfortunately, most of us think of our best insults far too late for them to be useful. They come to us in the shower as we angrily scrub our bodies, or when we’re trying to sleep but our brains are whirring away. Because creative insults are hard to come by, we relish the opportunity to enjoy them vicariously, usually on the Internet. We’ve rounded up the best zingers we’ve seen this week in the hopes that they inspire us (and you) to do better the next time you’re faced with your nemesis. Happy scrolling.