Tradwife Gets Roasted For Insisting the World ‘Condemns’ Women Who Are Homemakers

Blame it all on that one blonde Wojak, because ‘traditional’ women are increasingly spending their time making annoying content these days. From stay-at-home girlfriends to doting homemaker wives, they all seem to have a side hustle in letting us know how great their lifestyle truly is. 

Those who willingly forego the world of work to clean and cook are not doing anything inherently bad. However, some of them like to act like society thinks of them this way. One such woman is @esteecwilliams, who has captured the attention of Twitter this week for making a video about living her truth as a housewife. 

Claiming that society looked down on her for what she did, many social media users were eager to argue against her attempt at victimhood. Nearly half of the US workforce may be female, but it doesn’t mean that they’re horrified at other women making a different choice.