Trippy Twitter Tale Inspires Thread of Times Parents Ate Edibles

We’ve all seen those memes about the moment the edible hits and you’re blasting off to outer space. But what if you took the edible without actually knowing it would have psychoactive, trip-inducing properties? As marijuana and even shrooms become legal in some places around the country, these substances are being packed into some tantalizing and sometimes confusing formats. Putting magic mushrooms into a chocolate bar may be a way to ingest them pleasantly, but as is the case with weed gummies and baked goods, it also opens things up to some seriously scary (and sometimes seriously funny) accidents. 

Twitter user @lovedoveclarke shared one such tale with her followers this week. It seems her father, a lover of all things chocolate, snuck his way into her psilocybin chocolate stash. He was unaware that the bars contained trip-fueling materials, and, well, didn’t have a great time. The story is ultimately pretty damn entertaining, but the real fun begins in the replies, where other users shared tales of their parents and other family members accidentally (and sometimes on purpose) eating their way to a wild ride. Perhaps it’s mean to laugh, but hey, these are trips they will never, ever forget.