Turkish Stadium Sees Teddy Bears Rain Down on Field for Earthquake Victims (WATCH)

​credit – Beşiktaş JK

In a moment that will bring tears to your eyes and send your jaw to the floor, a packed Istanbul soccer stadium rained teddy bears down onto the field in donation and support for the children affected by the earthquakes.

At exactly the 17th second of the 4th minute of the match, which corresponded to the time of the first earthquake, Beşiktaş JK supporters threw stuffed animals, scarves, and other toys onto the pitch, all of which will be delivered to the children living in the earthquake-hit areas with Beşiktaş club aid trucks.

credit Beşiktaş JK

Often soccer fans will celebrate or memorialize world events, tragedies, or celebrations when a particular minute arrives on the clock which corresponds to it. Some of the stuffed animals had cards or notes attached to the outside.

credit Beşiktaş

The event was organized before the Turkish Super League football match between Beşiktaş and Antalyaspor, and was called “This Toy is my Friend” though other translations have been used, “This Toy is for You,” for example.

Players applauded the supporters when for a few seconds plush toys fell like rain onto the pitch, before the match was paused for a clean-up.

Beşiktaş tweeted a video of volunteers, players, and other stadium staff packing the bears and toys into transport bags.

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