Tutoring Company Forbids Students From Drinking Water Because ‘They’ve Had Spills’

When you’re a kid, you always have arbitrary rules thrust upon you for stupid reasons. In elementary school, we were only allowed to wear hats on Fridays, which as a hat girl, I found ridiculous. How is wearing a hat any more distracting than not wearing a hat? I would understand if hats were banned in order to prevent the spread of lice, but they weren’t! They just wanted to restrict our freedom a bit more. Sometimes, teachers and educators can circumvent rules that are unfair. My 3rd-grade teacher gave us candy during the period of time that it was banned for teachers to give student candy in Texas. The reason for this rule? To prevent obesity. What a bunch of baloney! 

Even more stupid than banning candy from school is banning water. One tutor noticed something was wrong when there was no water available for students at the tutoring center where she worked. She asked management why water wasn’t available for students, and they claimed it was due to spills and students drinking too much water. I don’t know about you, but that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard this week.