Twitter Gets Outraged Over Terrible “Best Cuisines in the World” Ranking

If there is one topic that is guaranteed to bring out the patriotism in just about anybody, it’s what we like to eat. Even the most strident national anthem hater will get up in arms if, for example, it is suggested that baked beans are not fit for human consumption. 

While most of us do not universally love all the cuisine our various countries produce, many believe that they deserve to be celebrated on the international stage. Those with more worldly palates probably have a lot to say about food from the rest of the world, too. This is the reason why a recent ranking of the “Best Cusines in the World” by @TasteAtlas.

Italians will be relieved that they don’t have to riot, because they’re sitting pretty at the top. However, the list has sparked its fair share of controversies. You could almost say that it seems like it was put together just to make people angry. At least these angry responses have been both amusing and thoughtful.