Twitter Reacts After Elon Musk Makes Poll About Stepping Down as CEO

It’s old news by now that Elon Musk buying Twitter is considered a Bad Thing. Crucial staff have all been fired, advertisers have completely freaked out, and the big man himself keeps on making headline-worthy blunders enough to shame the most dedicated of former fanboys. 

It seems like Musk may have had an unwanted reality check last week, when he walked onto the stage at a Dave Chappelle show and was met with a chorus of boos. It was all enough for him to take a long hard look at his decisions, and put a vote to the people: should he step down as head of Twitter?

It wasn’t long before last night’s poll developed an obvious lead in the ‘yes’ category. In all likelihood, the stepping down process will be as chaotic as the CEO’s reign so far. In the meantime, we have some funny tweets to see through the uncertainty.