Twitter User Sparks Debate With Claim That Women Should Always Bring Up Astrology on Dates

It’s an established fact by now that bad first dates are basically like superpowered red flag generators. It’s amazing how much one person can show themselves to be a weirdo if you give them the undivided attention of someone they would like to sleep with. 

For something that should be fun, dating can be a stressful process — especially if you’re trying to keep your nightmare-to-normal-person ratio at acceptable levels. It makes sense that many out there have their methods for trying to figure out whether they will gel with their date in the long term, although not all of them are as controversial as the one suggested by @SchrodingrsBrat. Proposing that women should bring up astrology on first dates, she reasoned that “it self-identifies men who are arrogant, condescending, and incapable of entertaining opinions they disagree with”.

It’s no surprise that many people were skeptical of this bold statement, although a few thought she kind of had a point. Even if you are one of the many who care about Mercury retrograde, there are probably better ways of figuring out whether your date is a douche or not.